With the continuous advance in technology, specially the medical technology which achieved a quantum leap in different scopes and sectors, from which we are interested in the evolution of Dental products and machinery.

With the vision of evolution and success, Dentaltech S.A.R.L was established in year 2001 by Mr. Chaouki Costa, and Mr. Farzat Chatta.

Dentaltech provides total solutions for dentists and dental laboratories, in term of dental products, machinery and equipments, and it also provides an excellent after sales support. Dentaltech is one of the most dental companies in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The success of Dentaltech is due to the effort of Mr. Chaouki Costa, who joined a special school for medical and dental instrumentation in Germany and successfully graduated from CARL BOSCH University in 1989. Afterward Mr. Costa persevered and excelled in this field, worked and trained in many specialized companies of which we mention some of them :

Melag, Kavo, Renfert, Friadent, Satelec and Micro Mega.

Due to his continuous evolution, success and expertise, in year 2000 the German company Kavo, requested Mr. Costa assistance to equip the Beirut Arab University / Faculty of Dentistry in Lebanon.

Today Dentaltech S.A.R.L is still successfully providing quality solutions, reliability and support.


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